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New on the scene electric automaker Lucid has released some footage of its car, the Lucid Air, driving around San Francisco and the Bay Area.

The Air has a 1,000-horsepower all-electric drivetrain and it looks like it could be a legitimate competitor to the Tesla Model S. With an optional 130-kWh battery pack, Lucid says that the car can travel up to 400 miles on a charge.

In this new footage, the Lucid isn’t winning any drag races, but is seen simply driving around regular public streets, something that hasn’t been seen up until this point.

Lucid is currently taking reservations for the car and is hoping that videos like this will help to drum up some interest. A Standard reservation costs $2,500, though final pricing for the car hasn’t been announced yet. For $25,500, 255 customers can reserve a Launch Edition car, which will be the first batch to roll off the production line. All reservations are fully refundable.

Pricing for a well-optioned model is expected to exceed $100,000, but the company wants to deliver a cheaper model around $65,000 in the future. Production of the Lucid Air is said to start in 2018 at the company’s new factory in Arizona.

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