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Today, Lucid Motors shared some details about how the Air sedan is produced and highlighted on how its assembled by humans.

General assembly. Where it all comes together.
Human craftsmanship and next-level automation join forces to complete every Lucid Air.

Once a new Lucid Air emerges from the paint shop, it’s time to move into general assembly. This is where we marry the body, powertrain, and all the expertly-crafted interior comes together and is then quality-tested to ensure EV perfection. At this stage in the process, it’s less about the robots, and more about the hands-on human element. It’s all carefully choreographed.

Our Director of Manufacturing for GA, Art Schlaud, describes it like this: “We do have some robots and we do have automation, but this vehicle is put together by humans. And it takes real craftsmanship.” Product Operations Manager, Jason Regelski agrees. “GA is pretty amazing because it's the culmination of everything that makes Lucid special. We take the beautifully painted sleek body, all of the powertrain technology with the drive units and the battery packs, the expertly crafted interior components, the software technology, and we bring that all together and we send it out as a finished product.”



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