In this video you'll get to see the Air Sapphire in action.

"On Friday, Lucid unveiled their tri-motor track-ready electric saloon, The Lucid Air Sapphire, and the very next day, they put me in one for two quick laps around Laguna Seca. With Ben Collins (The Stig) behind the wheel of the Prototype Lucid Air Sapphire, the high-performance electric sedan felt incredibly powerful yet balanced. The acceleration pulled hard well after highway speeds and the brakes came on swiftly and aggressively.

With Ben driving, the car felt competent, compliant, and capable. Nothing about it felt harsh or out of control, which is saying something because Ben had Traction Control turned off for our laps. This may have been the first time Lucid has been able to test this specific configuration of the Tri-Motor Sapphire as there was a laptop plugged into the trunk collecting data for the Engineering team on-site. Apparently, Lucid is still looking to make final tuning prior to the launch of the car early next year. Unfortunately, we didn't get a hot lap time or a 0-60mph launch but still, I could tell that this vehicle is a track-ready machine."