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Good feedback here from someone that updated recently:

I drove my Lucid this morning after getting the most recent software update which has the internet version of X M satellite radio not actually being received from a satellite. Better than no X M but for a car in Lucids class this is cutting corners. I’ve been a very successful businessman for over 50 years and early on I built a machine for a customer and took shortcuts and I had nothing but problems with the machine when I sold it and finally I brought it back to my factory and redid it the way I should have in the first place. From that day on I vowed that everything I make will be the absolute best way I know and I’ve never regretted that decision.
Now my suggestions to Lucid to make a great car even better and it’s all software fixes.
The radio is a navigators nightmare. I suggest that when you turn your radio on the main lower screen should display your lists of options ie. Am radio, XM, Apple radio,IHeart radio etc. Then when you select one of these you will have the option of choosing your favorites in that category or other. If you choose other a key pad should pop up so you can either type in your favorites by number or station name. This is a logical,simple change that would greatly simplify the way you use your radio.
This morning when I went to the new XM Satellite app I first received channel one. Most of the channels I normally listen to are in the 100s. I could find no way to type in the channel I wanted. There are choices of music channels or sports channels or news channels. So I found one channel that I wanted to make a favorite and directly accessed it and put it on my favorite list. But when I changed channels to a second channel that I wanted to add to my favorite list I could not add it so you have some work to do on your software.
I’m actually enjoying evolving with you and if my suggestions are helpful then I find it gratifying.
I just want help make a great car perfect."
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