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Thanks to @TravisMorgan for his advice regarding tidal and optimal sound quality, but I am still struggling a bit, and hope someone can help me out.

Someone had asked about testing a song using Alexa to see if it skipped, so I tried it and I was “wow, this sounds AWESOME”. Then I saw the doc that said to unleash the full audio capabilities of tidal masters, Alexa needed to be used (I assume this is some licensing thing). So, I created a playlist on tidal of some masters that I like, but I can’t get Alexa to play the playlist :( every time I try, it plays a random mix on tidal.

Is there a magic name that I should use for my playlist, or a special incantation that I should use to get it to play with maximum audio quality? :(

I even tried “Simon Says”, and still no go…
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