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Traveled from central CT to Short Hills today to take my first test drive. I was met by Jackson, Charlie and others as I walked in early for my arranged test drive. Their knowledge was excellent - not only about the Air but other vehicles bot ICE and EV - fantastic discussions.
Now on to the test drive - The drive was on both local and "twisties" with a solid grin on my face. The GT operated flawlessly. I was pleasantly surprised by the view in all directions. The on dash view when making turns was exciting as well as very clear and informative. I love this feature. The only sounds I noticed was a very slight motor whine which in my opinion was a good feedback to the speed we were traveling at. Pure silence would have been disconcerting. I am a fan of this feedback. Handling on the "twisties" gave me a true sportscar feel. It was comparable to my E350 with AMG suspension. Road feel was true and turn-ins felt solid.
Al-in-all, the 90 minute test drive cemented my thoughts to stay with my reservation all the way to delivery. I have not confirmed early so as to warrant the possible tax credit, BUT that really is up in the air anyway.
Loved the drive, the people and the car.
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