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Standard Features included in the Pure model

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Does anyone know where I can get a list of all the standard features included with the Pure model?
I was wondering if heated seats are included or can be added to the order. I live in the north east and
I believe heated seats should use less battery energy than the car interior heater. Thanks!
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I googled Pure specs and from this website - 2022 Lucid Motors Air Pure Full Specs, Features and Price -- heated seats are NOT AVAILABLE at this time.
Thanks for the website. Not surprised it isn't a standard feature. Maybe it will be available when they start making the Pure, as an option. It appears the difference between the Pure and Touring is higher horsepower, AWD and leather seats for an additional $17,600. I have to believe with the same battery the Pure will get better range.
Battery density currently is different between Touring and Pure. Estimated range figures are similar as of now.
I asked the question to my advisor and she said the heated front seats should be standard but final specs on Pure is still TBD. I have also asked if adding awd would change the hp figure and if heated steering would be available as standard or as an option and the answer was the same. All detailed Pure specs are still TBD at this point...
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