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Road noise???

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I have a reservation for an AGT (June reservation). I really want a plush, quiet, luxury car. The test drives / reviews I've seen on Youtube seem to suggest a little higher road/wind noise than expected in this class of car. But difficult to tell as noise can be highly impacted by road quality, audio recording quality, etc.... I've reviewed several ride reviews of the Mercedes seems the road noise is a lot less in those videos. Again, so hard to tell simply from recorded video/audio. I really want the Air - I love the way the way it looks and the miles/charge is great. What is your impression/expectations of Air road/wind noise? I've seen a video where someone is indirectly quoting someone from Lucid that road noise measurements meet those of a Mercedes S class - that would be great. I would really like to drive in one before committing to a purchase. Thoughts on any of this? Thanks, Dave
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Reviewers have been all over the place on the interior noise issue. The extremes seem to be Kyle Conner of "Out of Spec Motoring", who found tire noise, particularly in the rear seat, well below class standards, and Kristen Lee of "The Drive", who said the car seemed like a sound isolation booth on Manhattan streets and the West Side Highway. (Tom Moloughney, who was in the car both as a driver and a rear seat passenger with Conner, did not find to noise level at all intrusive, and he and Conner had a bit of a set-to on a podcast about Conner's take on the Air's NVH.)

Lucid did benchmark the Air's NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) against the outgoing Mercedes S Class (the new generation of Mercedes cars was not available during the Air's development), and the objective measurements do support the claim that the Air's NVH is below that of the Mercedes. However, there are so many variables in play -- not the least of which is an individual's sensitivity to specific frequencies -- that there is probably no way to know how the car will suit you on this score other than to test drive a car with your preferred wheel/tire sizes, on roads as near to those you will travel most frequently, sitting in the seat you will most often occupy, at varying speeds, in different traffic conditions. And that's a pretty tall order for a customer test drive.

While Conner thought the EQS he test drove was quieter than the Air, he did not ride in the rear seat of the EQS, which is where he noted the tire noise issue with the Air. Also, even the premium "Pinnacle" trim level of the EQS lists acoustic glass and enhanced sound insulation as an extra-cost option, and it is not clear whether the EQS he drove had that option.

Ashoka8350 has owned over 20 Mercedes and took delivery of Lucid Dream #4 on October 30. He says the Air is quieter and smoother-riding than any car he has ever owned.
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I don't trust Kyle. If you watch videos where he talks about the same car, his opinion is all over the place. Nissan Ariya - loves it in one, bad mouths it in another. Lucid - in a comparison video, says it comes in 2nd in all the different categories so overall, represents the best combination of the 4 luxury EVs available but in another video spouts a different opinion.

Generally, if the reviewer only sat in the front seats, it was quiet as expected. If they sat in the back, a minority of reviewers noted some noise but most didn't notice. The two owners who post on forums that took delivery on 10/30 have only sat in the front seats and both noted how quiet it was and are very happy with the ride and handling.
That is really good to hear -

"Ashoka8350 has owned over 20 Mercedes and took delivery of Lucid Dream #4 on October 30. He says the Air is quieter and smoother-riding than any car he has ever owned"
Until there are results from using an SPL meter its all subjective.
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