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I rent, and don’t have access to a garage. Therefore when I get my Air I will using the public charging infrastructure to charge. I live in the SF Bay Area and public charging is available, both EA and EVGO chargers. (I almost said readily available) In time my wife may go back to the office for her work, and could charge there with level 2 chargers, but right now the plan is using the CCS chargers. Does anyone know if this could lead to quicker battery degradation, or would the effect be minimal?
On a side note, my local library had 8 level 2 charging stations. EVGO has contracted to replace these with CCS stations. I found that interesting.
Follow the rules of the road, for an EV. Don’t change past 80% try not use them all the time. They create more heat and the battery can degrade with excessive use. With such a high range you could L2 charge an hour here and their and be fine. Good luck parking in the city.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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