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Do you think it is reasonable for Lucid to charge $4k for the upgraded audio after 1 month of use.

Message to Senior Management, Board Members, and Shareholders. The reason why I canceled my order upon delivery.

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I would like to share my experience and urge Lucid Motors to understand the importance of consumer requests and the meaning of nurturing goodwill upon the sale.

I understand that Lucid practices a ‘Direct Consumer Sale’ business model under Zak Edson. My direct experience with Lucid in Florida means the company practices a no-consideration policy, has a take-it-or-leave-it attitude, and is not even interested in handling objections (a core part of any professional sales).

I believe Lucid has taken the Telsa model of direct sales. But Lucid is not Telsa, from what I understand, demand is not as strong as projected, they have produced many more cars than delivered, and many orders have been canceled. Worse is the stock is hovering around the low, and many analysts are bullish.

Furthermore, the Dream Drove Pro is practically still in beta stages, as my auto park attempt failed 6 out 6 attempts on the demo drive.

I sent Lucid Palm Beach this following letter and got back a simple response, ‘no can do’.

I would be curious if anyone else is irked that a car for an invoice value of $110k, with premium audio hardware, would require spending another $4k for the software. And I think it is a turn-off to include audio software for only 1 month.

In the end, I forgo my $1000 deposit, and ordered a Telsa Model S. Put my Lucid Black hat in the charity bin. Yes, I am a bit sad as I wanted to be a Lucid enthusiast. Maybe in the future.
Thank you for all your team's professional support with my order. Congrats to Lucid for innovating an exceptional car.

At this stage, I am still undecided about taking delivery of the order I placed in Nov 21. As someone who loves new technology, I was impressed with Lucid Dream Drive and understand that it has the hardware capabilities to reach Level 3 autonomous driving. I was also interested in the advanced sound system that was previewed through the online videos that Lucid published.

As a brief background, I am an EV car enthusiast and environmentalist. I owned one of the first Fisker Karma, have a Telsa Y in my family, and installed solar panels on my house. I also own a sizable number of shares in Lucid, Nvidia, as well as Luminar Technologies (Lidar). Further, I am active on the Lucid consumer forums.

Autonomous driving is a technology that I fully embrace, and after driving my son's Telsa Y, it is a technology that I want to further experience 'now'.

I did take a test drive and was impressed with the Highway Assist, and from what I understand Lucid is not ready for Lane keeping assistance (LKA) off highways. I know this will come out in the future, but no dates nor did I receive any indication of when it may be available. The cost of $9000 for DreamDrive Pro hardware puts me in a bit of an uncomfortable position of paying for an upgrade that is strongly desired, and not knowing when it will be a reality.

Also, to be direct, I am a bit surprised that a car at $108k which has superior audio hardware, only comes with a one-month trial on the Pro software. To maintain the software will be another $4k. Personally, to me, it is a turn-off. If I buy a luxury car with high-end audio hardware, I should be able to enjoy it without an added expense of $4k for software. Especially since Dan Neil of WSJ’s review of Lucid, this past weekend stated the “sound reproduction is thin and weirdly wimpy”.

For the reasons above, along with a few other matters, I am still undecided about accepting delivery. I don't need another car right now, and when I do, the Model S would work for me for a few years until Lucid/Nvidia is able to enhance its autonomous driving.

With that all said, if Lucid can include the Surreal Sound Pro in my purchase, I will go ahead with delivery this week. If not, I will probably pass. Please let me know if you have the authority to make this decision, if not, I would appreciate it if you could speak to management that has and let me know your or their feedback.

Thanks for reading,
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Driving in this morning, I enjoyed the firm handling and acceleration in the winding back roads of the Pacific Northwest east of Seattle. The solid feel and stability; the luxury of seat massage and incredible sound from the entertainment system. Lucid has a firm foundation for all things that really matter. There are glitches; it's not perfect yet. But it IS excellent.
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Hey neighbor - over here in Seattle with an Air GT. I could t agree more!!
Sorry to hear about delivery issues. I have had my GT for a year now and have had minor issues with Frunk and headliner and infotainment system but nothing that has impacted my ability to drive the car. Service has been really good and hopefully will continue to be good. Hang in there as it is a great car even if initial builds have had issues. Note as an aside I have had Porsches, BMW s and several Mercedes that all had significant defects within the first six months of ownership. Once fixed all were great cars.
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