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I really liked this article. The standout part for me is this. I can't wait to experience the interior space for myself.

Q: I would like your honest opinion, how do you feel about the car from a passenger standpoint only. Quietness, comfort level, speed, and how luxurious it really feels to you as a passenger. Is it worth the price tag? — Mark, via email

A: Super luxurious! From both the front passenger seat and the rear seats, you get an overwhelming sense of airiness because of how spacious the cabin is and how much light the all-glass roof lets in. I rode around in the fully equipped Air Grand Touring, so there were soft leathers, wool, and open-pore wood all over the cabin, giving it a very beachy feel.

The ride is eerily quiet. I've driven and ridden in other EVs that make some noise—tire noise, wind noise, motor noise—but sitting in the Air, I was greeting with almost absolute silence. Even the air conditioner blew silently, as a Lucid spokesperson explained the two HVAC blowers were moved to the outside of the firewall, which expands cabin space and cuts down on ambient blower noise. The suspension soaked up the worst of the cobblestone street could throw at it, too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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