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Hello everyone, I am a HUGE Lucid Fan and I review LCID Lucid Stock on YouTube on my Channel Stock Martin available at

Please check out my latest LCID Stock Videos:

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Welcome to the forum @Stock Martin! Looks like some good news for the stock following the infrastructure vote. Do you have an order for an Air?

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Itay Michaeli of CitiGroup gave Lucid a buy rating and a price target of $28 a share!

The analyst that initiated coverage on Lucid is Itay Michaeli of CitiGroup. Michaeli gave Lucid’s stock a buy rating, and a generous price target of $28.00 per share. Considering the stock currently trades at under $20.00, Michaeli’s price target represents nearly a 48.0% ceiling from Thursday’s closing price. Michaeli stated that any risks and concerns are already baked into the stock’s valuation. A second firm followed Michaeli’s lead when CFRA Research initiated coverage with a $25.00 price target.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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