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The Lucid Air Sedan is currently at a vehicle dynamics testing facility in Torrance, California. If you live near Dynamic Research, be on the look out for any prototypes out in the wild. There's a good chance these aren't entirely out of public view.

"$LC1D So just got off the phone with Dynamic Research, Inc (Torrance, CA) and asked for "the status of the a car I am having tested, the Lucid Air at the Minter Testing facility" (not totally a lie I am a shareholder after all) and they ARE testing the Lucid Air! The engineer then asked my name and what engineer I was working with last and I panicked and hung up so... I don't have an update but I do know where it is being tested now we need someone with a camera that lives near the Minter Testing Facility to get out there with a camera tomorrow and get us an update!"

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