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Lucid Motors is planning enter to Formula E.

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Lucid is aiming to establish a Formula E racing team in the Gen3 era of the world championship.

"Ambitious US-based EV firm Lucid Motors is pushing to enter Formula E as a manufacturer in the Gen3 era of the world championship.

The shock news could mean it becomes the second American manufacturer after Penske Autosport to race in the series and the first new manufacturer to confirm a position on the grid in three years.

Lucid already has a presence on the grid via its work on the Gen2 battery which it designs and supplies to all teams as a spec component. This is done via its technology arm, Atieva, which has had a presence in the paddock since 2018 thanks to an engineering support team working in conjunction with McLaren Applied.

It remains to be seen if a potential move to become a manufacturer will involve Lucid Motors racing as a team as well as a powertrain creator."
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This could be a step towards the car in the middle in this photo. Looks like to me some type of roadster or super car.
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Oh geez. How about they actually build cars for customers first. Geez.
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I doubt it is any pre-production or proto type car. Just creating interest to people to wonder!
Yep I was right if this is TRUE!

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