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Lucid: Mercedes is main rival; our tech is more efficient than other automakers

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“I would say our main competitor is a car company; I highlight Mercedes Benz in terms of the attributes of Lucid Air,” he commented. “We’re going after S-class Mercedes, but it’s a natural comparison, and I accept that comparison with Tesla. I think it’s really important that we start at a high-end position as a true luxury brand. I’m a great believer that the first product defines the brand in way Tesla Model S defined Tesla as a brand.”

Rawlinson went on to add that while traditional car manufacturers like GM are developing electric vehicles, such as the GMC Hummer EV and Cadillac Lyriq, they are not acting fast enough.

“The traditional automakers are just not rising, stepping up to the plate fast enough,” he said. “That’s really why Lucid’s come onto the scene, to accelerate this process.”

He added a key way to measure electric vehicles is the number of miles they can travel per kilowatt-hour from the battery pack. He says traditional OEMs are also lagging behind by this metric.

“We’re not seeing high levels of efficiency from these other automakers, Tesla’s right up there. Lucid is surpassing Tesla. We’re getting over 4 and a half miles per kilowatt-hour. I’m not seeing anything close to that from these traditional automakers.”
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I like that Lucid have their eyes on Mercedes instead of Tesla. The EQS is going to be closer to it than the Model S.
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