This is an interesting article that breaks down why we could see Lucid deliveries starting in October.

If they could get deliveries starting just after the production preview week that would the ideal situation to get things moving along.

Lucid Dream Reservation Holders Need To Pick "Range" or "Performance"
On August 25th, 2021, Lucid Motors released news about how there will be two variants of the Dream Edition. In the Lucid Group press release, it said:

As a technology company, we seek to exceed expectations, and this is clearly evident with our Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance and Range variants

Lucid will be contacting Dream Edition reservation holders shortly to update their configuration with their preferred version.

But so far, no news or information has been released about Lucid Motors getting in contact with reservation holders about which variant they want. But when you look at the specs, it seems that there is actually no hardware difference between the P and R variants. It appears that the difference in power and range is controlled by how Lucid Group tunes the BMS (Battery Management System). But still, Lucid Motors has not contacted all reservation holders to confirm their choice, but this could happen in the weeks of September, before the production preview week.

Production Preview Week

The news of Lucid Motors Production Preview Week is the icing on the cake. It shows that there most likely won't be any deliveries in September. It would be illogical for Lucid Motors to deliver vehicles to customers and then hold a "production preview" where there will be test drives, and journalists reviewing the car. So it is safe to say that mid-October is when customers could possibly start to get their vehicles.

So The Daily Lucid Take Is This
We think that Lucid Motors will use the month of September to build a low volume of customer cars in the most assumed variant and trim. And at the same time, confirm orders and get any last-minute details from customers. Then before and during the production preview week, that's when Lucid Motors will really ramp up the production to get customers their cars in the early weeks of October.