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Hi Everyone,

Thought it could be good to gauge what people are paying for insurance. Would be great if people could state

Insurance Company

Hopefully we can see who’s offering the good premiums (if any) for this new EV
Hey all! It’s difficult to give an estimate as to what each will pay to insure their Air. Unfortunately there are far too many factors that come into play (bundled with home, coverage limits, accidents/tickets, garaging address, annual miles, gender, age, credit, etc) that make it nearly impossible to know what you’ll pay for your policy. Rates vary wildly from person to person and company to company.
The thing you MUST do is find a broker that will be your insurance advocate. Kinda like a personal insurance shopper. A good insurance broker will rarely charge you any fee as they are paid directly from the carriers they represent when selling a policy.
You would be shocked at just how much some people save when working with a broker who has access to shop your policy and write business with numerous insurance companies. The more companies a broker can quote and write business with, the more chances you’ll they’ll have at finding you a better price!
I am a licensed broker based in Palm Springs, CA and have the ability to write business with over 40 different companies in 19 states. I am in love with the Lucid Air and am awaiting production of my own to begin soon.
I sincerely want to help anyone interested in finding a policy for their new Lucid Air and invite you to reach out if you have questions or would like to see what options we can find for you. It is always a good idea to run through all your options and I am happy to assist! If I can’t save you money (very rare), I’ll be the first to tell you to stick with what you’ve got! No pressure from me. I don’t sacrifice coverage for price, and will always make sure you’re well protected! Why not see what your options are and let me do the shopping for you?
Reach out any time, and let’s see how much you’ll be saving. Insurance is like a game that you'll rarely win unless you have a good teammate to help when needed. I don’t need a ton of personal info or info that will out you at risk for fraud…. I just need a couple basic bits of info, a VIN number, and a few hours to run numbers, and I’ll have some options back over to you for consideration. My goal
Is to help make driving a Lucid Air as affordable and fun as it can possibly be, and look forward for help see what we can find for you!

-Nick Eames
[email protected]
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