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I am keen to sell my Lucid Air PURE Reservation. Not interested in a PURE? No problem, as this reservation can be upgraded to a Touring or a Grand Touring (not sure if this reservation can be upgradable to SAPPHIRE).

This is an USA car. The reservation holder is able to acquire the car at the original launch price. For example the PURE debuted with an Original Price of $77,400.00 USD. This is $10,000 less than the current price.

This reservation is also eligible for the Federal Tax Incentive of $7,500 USD. Save $17,500 USD!

This means you can get a vehicle for as low as $69,900 USD if you choose standard colors and options!

Please send PM for more details. Exterior color, wheel design, drivetrain option (RWD or AWD), and individual options (Dreamdrive PRO and audio system) still able to be specified.

Again, please contact me via private message with your questions and inquiries.
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