According to Lucid's Q3 2021 results, reservations for the Air have now surpassed 17,000! Last quarter that number was around 13,000.

According to the report, Lucid has increased the number of customers reservation for the Air model to 13,000 during the Q3 and as of November 15, it exceeds 17,000.

That's not bad, especially since in 2022 the production target is an ambitious 20,000 and more reservations might be added by that time. The lineup currently consists of the sold-out Lucid Air Dream Edition and a more regular Grand Touring version. Two less expensive Touring and Pure versions will be launched later.

The company says that the 13,000 reservations in Q3 were potentially worth about $1.3 billion in revenues. We guess that 17,000 will be about $1.7 billion.