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Tesla S Plaid and Lucid Air with Its distinctive styles makes these luxury Sports car brands easy to spot and makes it a favorite among the car crowd, so you need to set yours apart from the rest. The B.P.W GT3 body kit is just what you need to turn heads. Having a high-end sports and Touring car isn’t enough; you need one that is truly unique. Look at the Tesla and Lucid body kits we offer on the site. We are confident you’ll find the right package for you. Plus where else to get your high quality body packages then from an actual professional racing team…We test our products thoroughly for performance and durability on or off track.


What better place to get your performance car parts than from an actual racing team…We test our parts thoroughly for performance and durability on or off track.

High quality product made with hand laid fiberglass woven fabric for exceptional strength, stiffness and weight savings and Carbon Fiber. (These are NOT plastic pieces that will easily bend & break apart – especially at 100 MPH.)

Provides down-force for improved stability at high speeds.

About 5 1/4″ clearance at the lowest factory setting.

Easy install without having to remove the side panel by using our fasteners and special tools.

Could also be installed with our 3m double sided tape.

Detailed instructions included in the kit.

Special install tool kit sold separately.

Splitter- Side Skirts- Rear Spoiler- Diffuser Extension- Hubcentric wheel spacers and special lugnuts.

Division of Breathless Racing.
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