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Looking for key fob case/cover

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Does anyone know of a fob case to fit the Lucid fob? I’ve always has fob cases for my Teslas and they were an exact fit for the fob. I've looked online and no one (at least that I've found) seems to make one yet. Perhaps since its a relatively new car with low voluimes. I realize we can use our phones as an entry key but I still like having a fob.
thanks in advance.
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While at SEMA I came across this company who custom makes leather and exotic leather key fobs for exotic cars. The cost is around $250.00 and they said, send them a photo and dimensions of the fob and they can create one. The website is
Thanks but a bit expensive for a fob case.
fob cover

works perfect to protect key fob, however cannot access buttons. I don't use buttons for me a good option
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