Jason Cammisa reviews the Air Dream Edition P on the newest episode of ICONS.

In it he compares the Air with the Model S, drag races a Huracan turbo, and compares it to the EQS and Taycan.

0:00 Introduction — Luxury buyers are thinking too small
1:54 The Lucid Air Dream Edition P
2:22 Elon Musk and Peter Rawlinson on Conventional Thinking
3:06 Lucid Motors is Tesla 2.0
3:50 The meaning of luxury
4:07 The Mercedes S-Class (W223) S580 is the benchmark of luxury.
5:29 The Tesla Model S Plaid on the race track
7:02 Tesla Plaid’s brakes, track mode, drift mode
7:36 The difference between Mercedes and Tesla: Silicon Valley touches
8:34 Lucid combines Mercedes and Tesla
9:51 Drag Race: Lucid Air vs Lamborghini Huracan Turbo — with The Throttle House
11:41 Air vs. Mercedes EQS and Porsche Taycan
12:53 Lucid Air Track Test
15:37 The measure of a luxury car is doing more things, better
15:50 Rivian R1T Launch Edition towing the Lucid Air
16:10 Rivian vs Lucid — who chose the right definition of luxury?