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Hi Everyone,

Thanks to whoever started this forum. It will be a great place to share our joys and challenges. I have my order in for a Quantum Gray GT, just waiting for the VIN. Was told around July or August. We will see, I am excited, but I am not in a hurry, just want it right. I have done a tone or reasearch, hope I can share some of that knowledge and get some here too.

I already saw a comment about the glass being hot and glare from the buttons. I too am watching this. But I can say as an owner of a Range Rover Sport, it also has the same metal trim on the dash around the vents and a glass roof. The metal trim also sends a wild glare at times, but we Arizonans know to have polarized glasses. I think and hope it won't bother me. And the hot glass roof, well, all the cars now have these and there really no escaping it. My thought is, don't touch it.

Anyway, hello everyone! 馃槉
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