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How many former Tesla owners?

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How Many Former Tesla Owners Upgraded to Lucid?

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I’ve noticed a lot of former Tesla owners here. I’m one. Head count?
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Me too! I had two Model S's, now Air Touring. Love this new car!
yup... 2014 model s
went through all the early software issues with them as well...
I am another one. I owned a Model S. I hated the FSD scam of Tesla. The company may double dip as the only way to get FSD is by buying a new car that has the upgraded hardware for FSD mainly 4D radar and HW4 chip which can’t be retrofitted in the exiting models. Will Tesla recharge for the FSD software??
I’ve noticed a lot of former Tesla owners here. I’m one. Head count?
I’ve noticed a lot of former Tesla owners here. I’m one. Head count?
I have owned 3 Model S' previously (2012, 2017 and 2020). While I really loved them, I have owned my Air GT almost a year, and really love it. I just wish the SW would catch up to the rest of the engineering.
Swapped out my Model S P90+ for an Air GT; the wife is hoping to upgrade her Model X to a Gravity, if they ever release it…
Former 2015 model S owner.
Air GT is so much more luxurious and quiet.
Like stepping up to a lexus from a chevy.
Software has a long way to go to catch up to Teslas capabilities.
Hopefully that is Job 1 at Lucid.
Tesla promised a FSD system, a 2nd Gen Roadster, and a pickup truck. All I’ve seen is high profit (See Sandy Monroe’s T3 video) production and more of the same. I truly respect Musk’s demonstration that EV’s are completely viable. But, the light build also made all my music and phone conversations audible to the public at large. To say it was/is “Scandinavian” in opulence is a great marketing ploy as is the “vegan leather.” But, “thank you” Elon; going from ICE to Lucid may have been more difficult without you. Onward…

Aside from an interior widely recognized as “luxury,” Rawlinson’s battery and electric motor video’s show the firm foundation of the Lucid. And YES, the software is buggy—or the chips have QC issues—but the Lucid staff are very understanding and if commerce is generally survival of the fittest, I’ll buy Lucid (LCID) on sale and hold it for a long time. Obviously, those who remember here, have seen this before with TSLA. And you may have said to yourselves, “shoulda, woulda, coulda…”
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have a 2017 model S. at time Tesla was in limbo pre model 3. so it was a bit of a gamble. There were no teslas anywhere where I live (NC). But the car and autopilot has always worked perfectly and I have had 0 issues with this car.. Now nervous about going through with my reservation. The range and charging speed of my "older" model S are not what I would like ideally, but there are Tesla superchargers everywhere. when I look at some of the places I drive 3-8 hours to (Virginia Beach, central PA, SC), there are NO EA chargers anywhere. So now I will not even be able to drive my car there??
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