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How do you get a thumb drive with music to work??

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I have read posts on formatting the drive to FAT32 and am trying to use SanDisk 512GB Ultra Fit 3.1 flash drive, but I can not get the car to read the drive to load without error. The files are all .wmz and I have tried loading albums and also just the songs alone. Any suggestions will be appreciated!
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your issue may be that file type needs to be .m4a instead of what you have - .wmz
you nailed it! Thank you for your help!
I have learned FAT32 disk format and .mp3 file format is the magic for your songs to play in your Lucid. Once you go past that though, you are likely to run into another annoying issue which I haven't been able to resolve. If you have your Playlists as folders, Lucid does not display folders created by you. It displays Artist, Album, Songs and Genre based on your songs' metadata. However, I found my Playlists folders embedded under Genre and got excited, but the excitement was short lived. For eg., I have a Playlist for 80s Songs - so I tap the icon for 80s Songs (inside the Genre folder) and hit 'Play'. This should play over 200 songs in my 80s folder. But the Lucid is too smart for its own good! It indexes all songs on the folder by Album, within the Genre folder! So, for eg., it plays 'Never Gonna Give You Help' by Rick Astley and should move on to the next 80s song in that folder. Instead, it only plays Rick Astley's album that contains the song 'Never Gonna Give You Help'. So, I cannot really play my Playlists the way I play it in my other cars! Drives me nuts! Is anyone from Lucid listening?
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diana - turn off replay and turn on shuffle
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