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About charging... once you have a charger it home, it will be a non issue - ESP if you have solar.

Also, Tesla is opening up the chargers to non-Tesla cars. It will cost you but they are available. Will you really need them? (How much do you drive?)

Clearly you want the Lucid. So unless you are driving 300+ miles every week, why even ask? These cars have terrific range, and charging issues will only be apparent on long haul trips or if you re driving a huge amount ever week. (And... if you are driving this much you will quickly figure out what works best.)

I have a Tesla, but am not a fan, mostly because of wildly erratic customer service. I have supercharging for life and am starting to get a little cold feet in giving this up... but depending on my resale quotes will probably do so.

Just my $.02
Driving Tesla Model X LR
Ordered Lucid GTA 11/21
Order finalized 11/22

Would you still go ahead and purchase the Lucid in my situation? It seems like it's going to be a real headache, especially given that I don't have my own charging station at home.

Other questions:

1. Would you get the glass or metal roof in Phoenix? (110+ degree summer heat)
I'm leaning toward the metal roof due to the obvious heat.

2. Would you get the ($2900 upgrade) 21 speaker Surreal Surround Sound System?

3. Would you get ($9000) DreamDrive Pro?

4. Anyone know of the reliability of the EA charge station in Quartzite? (Between Phoenix and Los Angeles)

Any and all advice would be appreciated!!

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