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I was an early Tesla owner in 2011 and owned a couple up until this fall when I switched to Lucid. Elon did a lot for this industry no question but I do not like the poor quality and substandard designs of of the last few years. Tesla cars a great drive but not for me anymore. Love the Lucid; it has been a big adjustment and a bit getting used to but clearly the better engineering and design of the two. For charging there are many other stations than the EA but of longer charging time of course but good in a pinch. In 2011 I had to run a three prong extension in Maine just to get 25 miles over the course of a day just to get to a dealership charger. So that's ancient history; now everything seems so much easier. Lucid software has greatly improved over the last few months and will catch up the Tesla and pass it soon enough. Love the Surround Sound and DreamDrive but that's a $ call to each driver. Good luck!
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