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Hi Members, I need your advice!

My situation:

1. I have a reservation for a Lucid Air Touring and have to finalize the specs in 2 weeks. I also have a reservation for a Tesla Model S Long Range, they just assigned my VIN, so I have about 1-2 weeks to decide on it. Otherwise, I forfeit the car at a $5000 lower price (I reserved it before the price increase). I plan to either choose the Lucid or the Tesla.

2. I presently live in an apartment in Central Phoenix with no charging port. I plan to purchase a house in the next year when the inflated house prices go down. That means I'll have to rely on the very few Electrify America chargers in the city for power.

3. I just test drove the Lucid and the Tesla S, I loved the Lucid, it just seems more advanced in terms of drive quality and technology inside the cabin. Plus I prefer the exterior esthetics over the Tesla.

The other night I watched a YouTube video by Kyle with Out of Spec Motoring on a road trip from Palm Springs to Colorado. Basically, the road trip in the Lucid was stressful because the Electrify America Charging network was horrendous. A lot of the times the charge station was malfunctioning and the driver spent so much time sitting and wasting time. At one charge station, he probably would have been towed if he didn't have any connections with the EA engineers.
Most of the commenters were saying that's exactly why they won't get the Lucid, too much of a headache with EA. They said charging is rarely an issue with Tesla, their Superchargers just work.

Would you still go ahead and purchase the Lucid in my situation? It seems like it's going to be a real headache, especially given that I don't have my own charging station at home.

Other questions:

1. Would you get the glass or metal roof in Phoenix? (110+ degree summer heat)
I'm leaning toward the metal roof due to the obvious heat.

2. Would you get the ($2900 upgrade) 21 speaker Surreal Surround Sound System?

3. Would you get ($9000) DreamDrive Pro?

4. Anyone know of the reliability of the EA charge station in Quartzite? (Between Phoenix and Los Angeles)

Any and all advice would be appreciated!!

I had previously owned a 2012, 2017 and then a 2020 Tesla Model S - and thought I would never switch. Then, I started reading about the Lucid Air GT, and placed my order. I took delivery in June, and love the car. It drives better than any TESLA, is more comfortable, quieter, and works well. The s/w was TERRIBLE at first, but continues to improve. The DD-Pro has gotten so much better, especially now that the Highway Assist has been activated, which gives full lane assist (holds in the center of the lane). It is still not as good as Tesla's Enhanced Auto Pilot or FSD, but is definitely moving in the right direction. I expect on-ramp to off-ramp DD-Pro to be working in the next few months. Small things like having favorites in Navigation are still not there, but that too will be added, as will Apple CarPlay.

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The Lucid is vastly superior from a driving experience standpoint. The "yoke" on the Tesla S is nothing short of ridiculous especially on long trips.

The EA charger issue is a real concern. But that is a short-term problem which will be remedied over the next few years. There are many other chargers besides EA.

I love the glass canopy roof and it is a hallmark of the Lucid Air design concept. But I don't live in Phoenix or 110 degrees. To me, it just isn't an Air without it.

I don't care much about the upgraded audio system (it was a disappointment on my test drive), and I care not at all about DD Pro.

Good luck.
As for the Electrify America Issue - it is currently terrible. I do recall early days of Tesla's Supercharger network being bad also. Planning a trip used to be an adventure (think of 100 years ago when early adopters of the automobile didn't have gas stations on every street corner, and thats what it was like). Tesla's investment in the network paid off, and the Supercharger network is outstanding. I believe that between EA, ChargePoint, and others, the day will come when we won't have to worry about finding chargers. But today, that day is not yet here. So, you may have to pay other providers, instead of always using the free EA when on a road trip, until they all get their act together. On a recent trip from San Diego to Lake Tahoe, we had poor service from EA, and did have to use ChargePoint twice. It wasn't a big deal, but it did happen. But, if that is a short term big deal for you, you should know the issue is real. EA is owned by large companies, including VW and Siemens, so I have some degree of confidence that time will fix the issues.

As for the glass roof, we live in So. CA, and often visit the desert. We have not found the glass roof on either the Tesla or the LUCID to be an issue, and the solar load is not a big deal for the AC to deal with, so if you like the glass roof, I wouldn't hesitate to get it.

The audio system is amazing, and cannot compare the standard system to the upgraded one (which is standard on the GT), so can't help on this one.

One other comment, which no one has addressed for you. All EV's (Lucid, Tesla, etc.) give a rated mileage. Lucid gives a stated mileage range of about 4.2 miles per Kwh on the Lucid Air, which on a GT with 21" wheels equates to about 467 mile range. If you look through the forums, you'll see many posts where owners cannot get the 4.2 miles per Kwh, I have tried hard to achieve this on long trips in ideal conditions, and the best I have done is about 3.4 miles per Kwh. Granted, this is still much better than any Tesla I have owned, but not the stated range. Lucid Service is still looking into this for me, but I am not alone on this. So there is a "real world" range and a published range, which you should know about for any EV you decide to get. The Model S Long Range is stated to get 404 mile range. On a real road trip, from my experience, your probably looking at around 300 mile range. So, I thought I would add this to your decision making.

Hope these comments help, and that you pick the Lucid - which you should love!
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