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EV startups are dying, will Lucid last?

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Cash reserves are sliding over at Lucid, by 36% last quarter. Really curious how this quarter is shaping up.
With EV SUV popularity I think the Gravity could be their saving grace.
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I don’t think EV start-ups are dying. As Warren Buffett said, automotive is a very difficult space. It takes a combination of many different factors to succeed - product, stying, technology, quality, supply chain, customer services, brand appeal, etc. It also takes enormous capital. This all happened 100 years ago when a bunch of entrepreneurs, primarily in Detroit, Dearborn, and Flint Michigan started up car companies. Some succeeded and while some failed outright, many made good products but without enough capital and scale they were acquired into the successful companies as the big guys consolidated the market. Same thing is happening today in the EV world.
Today, Polestar, Rivian, and Lucid make good products, are well capitalized, and have deep pocket sources for ongoing funding. Will Rivian and Lucid remain independent companies? Probably not forever, but it looks like they are innovative and successful enough the brands will indeed survive and thrive in some form for a very long time.
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