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EPA range tests

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About a week or so ago, there was a report that teased a 400 mile range. The information on InsideEVs is not longer available online, however, there seemed to be a run, where Rawlins was in a test car, claiming to make 400 miles of range on the trip to and then another 400 miles from the route used. I theorize that these numbers may be from the smaller battery available on the Touring and Pure models. Anyone have any idea as to what was going on, and what version was actually being tested?
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It may be old news. I saw this last year that Lucid's one of the engineer drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles and still had few miles left over. So it has to be their pre-production models and not either Dream Edition or Grand Touring edition.
I think this was from some testing just before the latest reports noted in the news section. I think it was the Dream Edition and they were probably prepping the car. The first journalist review is due in next week. The old range test you are referring to maybe the one with an independent company in August last year.
MotorTrend has published the range of over 409 miles, I believe it was the Dream Edition with many more miles left after the trip. I couldn't see all the details.
EPA officially announced 520 miles for Dream Edition R with 19" wheels!
EPA officially announced 520 miles for Dream Edition R with 19" wheels!
The following Shows the EPA rating of the PRESENT available EV's tested by EPA so far.

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