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I received delivery of a Lucid Air Grand Touring on 11/30/22. Ordering in June, I had no idea if it would be 2 months or a year to get the car due to the production issues Lucid was experiencing. I ordered the car with the 21“ wheels not realizing that they only came with summer tires. Living in western Pennsylvania that limits driving in the winter to rare nice days. I have taken the car out a few times, commuting 25 miles to work and I must say it is amazing! I’ve never owned a luxury car before and I am really enjoying the comfort, features and sound system. The performance is truly remarkable. When the accelerator is pressed it’s like flying! There’s a huge smile on my face whenever behind the wheel. I’ve put a few hundred miles so far and haven’t experienced any software issues. Looking hard for functionality, my only nit is that the driver’s visor vanity mirror light does not come on (it just flashes on upon opening). But overall I’m thrilled with the car.
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