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Company Does not return phone calls from Main Office

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I have called over the past 4 weeks 3 times to find out information. I have left phone numbers account info as per my deposit etc and not one call back very concerning from a company we are to have trust in and feel good about being a early adopter. Just thought I would put this out there.

Not a good feeling !
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They've gone radio-silent on me for the last week. 3 messages to 2 different people who had each reached out to me to confirm my order they had said was ready for production. Not a confidence-inspiring experience...
I was wondering if any of you tried to tag them on Twitter and inform them about this? They will be compelled to respond there as it is an open platform.
My experience is that my SA always responds promptly and is in the Newark office and. Sorry to hear you are having this issue. I ordered a Pure 10/2020 so I’m no where near as far along in the process And that may be the difference.
I have always had a return call within a day or two at the most.
The SA's unfortunately do not all seem to use out-of-office emails/voicemails and that understandably frustrates some customers who believe they are being ignored until the SA returns, whether away for a day or 1+weeks (as was the case for me, and I actually contacted another SA who didn't reply either), and assuming the SA ultimately gets back to the client). I learned this when I called the main number and was able to speak to a third SA, as the double-frustration above was occurring. There's a simple customer service protocol that wouldn't seem to cost Lucid anything literally or figuratively to implement. All the above was me promptly getting back to my SA who was calling me to finalize my order for the car, which according to Lucid, was to then literally be put on the physical production line.
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