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Cheapest Dream Edition P for Sale

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Dream Edition Performance in eureka gold, 21" aero wheels being delivered in the next ~4 weeks . I've been informed by my Lucid delivery specialist that the VIN has been assigned and the factory is waiting on delayed aesthetic parts to complete and ship the car from factory in AZ to my location in California.

The vehicle will be registered once it leaves the factory and I am able to change the vehicle owner's name to yours in the next 2 weeks, though delivery will have to take place in CA (from where it can be shipped anywhere). This way, the vehicle title will only show you as the first and only owner and you may be able to claim applicable tax incentives.

I'm a car collector based in CA. I was planning on keeping my Lucid at least for a while, but I need to make space because I have another vehicle being delivered earlier than I expected. I am selling the reservation for $45k ($44k + my $1k deposit paid to Lucid). Including the vehicle at $169k, this is the cheapest Lucid Dream P out there (by a big margin)...others asking $230k used-289k new on this forum.

Priced to be done quickly. Please only contact me via DM if you are ready. Thanks.

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Flipping cars is the new thing to profit? Unfortunately the software that controls the Lucid has way too many failures. For an EV, the software is what runs the vehicle. Just check out the Lucid Owners Forum to hear the litany of software problem.
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