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Car won't wake up

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I picked up my GT in Scottsdale, AZ on Wednesday 8/3/22. On Friday, 8/5/22 the car would not wake up and I was stranded while picking up dinner for the family. The car was towed back to Scottsdale and they have made no progress towards a fix as of Monday, 8/8/22.
A warning message came on earlier in the day on Friday and I called customer care. At that time they could find no problem and asked me to send pics of the message if it came on again. The message came on again when I went to pick up dinner.


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What did you try to make it wake up? Valet key, fob, mobile phone?? Must have woken up some to display this message with screen on.
Fob and phone, plus the service department tried to wake it up remotely... nothing worked.
I took the pictures as I was leaving my house to get dinner because they asked me to email pictures of the message.

I should be able to pick the car up today, I'll post an update when I have information.
Got it back on Monday after 9 days. The HV and two 12V batteries were replaced and the software was updated. It seems to be working well again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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