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Brembo is developing a new brake system they're calling Sensify that is designed to work on ICE cars as well as electric cars. Supposedly it will be used on an OEM car by the end of 2024 and they're working with multiple OEMs. I wonder if Lucid will be one of them.

Conventional hydraulic brakes use fluid, and applies it to all four wheels evenly when the brake pedal is pressed. This type of system requires a master cylinder and a series of brake lines routed to each caliper/wheel cylinder. Brembo’s Sensify, on the other hand, is a computer-controlled system that rethinks the way that braking inputs are applied to the frictional material. While Sensify has been developed to accommodate the use of brake fluid (a “wet” system intended for use on high-performance vehicles), the system on display for this event showcased a “dry” system that relies 100 percent on computers and actuators to stop the vehicle.
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