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DCFD is already competitive with gasoline. EA charges 40C/kWh. If you get 4 miles/kWh (in summer), that's 10c per mile. An economica car goes 30 miles per gal (highway) which is in Illinoise about $3.20, so that's also about 10c per mile. Gas prices will continue to fluctuate for a while but eventually will go up. If DCFC is now competitive it will be more so in the future.
But I agree that if a person must rely on DCFC for charging, then EV is a bad option. Get a Prius that beats the current DCFC with over 50 miles/gal.
when not using EA for free, I charge at my house. for $.16/kWh. for $20 I get 125 kWh which at even 3 miles/kWh would give me 375 miles. At 20 miles/gallon that equates to 19 gallons of gas. At your price of $3.20, I would pay $60 for gas at the pump. EV's are much cheaper to operate. .
1 - 2 of 15 Posts