As deliveries of the Lucid Air kick off, CEO Peter Rawlinson shared this message.

I've often said publicly that I don't feel we have truly achieved anything as a company until our cars are in the hands of customers. Therefore, I’m delighted to announce that this past Saturday, October 30th, we commenced deliveries of Lucid Air Dream Edition to our very first customers.

We undertook this in a special Lucid way by personally welcoming each new owner, hosting them at our headquarters in Silicon Valley and taking them on an incredible first drive; our inaugural Lucid Rally through ancient redwood forests, out to the iconic California coastline.

Our journey to this milestone has been a long one. Over eight years ago, I joined a tiny company called Atieva (now Lucid). We possessed some promising battery technology, high hopes and a clear ambition to create a new electric car. Not just any car, but the best electric vehicle in the world; to advance the state of the art, the state of what’s possible.

This would clearly require us to develop the best EV technology in the world, and we’d have to do that all in-house, because clearly none of this would be available off the shelf. The Lucid Air Dream Editions we delivered to customers are the culmination of that effort and insomuch truly represent a fulfilment of that dream.

The technological advancements that Lucid Air brings, including its 900v electrical architecture, race-bred battery system, Wunderbox two-way charging, unsurpassed drive-train power density and efficiency, combine to enable the first 500 miles range EV. This very same technology, and derivatives of it, will directly transfer towards the more affordable, high efficiency EVs of the future, making Lucid Air a doorway into that future.

Lucid Air has truly been a labor of love for myself, and indeed, the entire Lucid team.

While this moment is significant, it is also but another step on our path. It heralds the opening of our next chapter – one where we will scale an exceptional Lucid experience for a growing number of customers worldwide. I want to thank you for supporting Lucid and helping to further our vision of a more sustainable future for us all.

Best regards,

Peter Rawlinson
CEO/CTO, Lucid Motors
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