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Lucid shared an email earlier today that had some info about Dream Drive, their advanced driver assistance technology

1. It has up to a whopping 32 sensors

DreamDrive has one of the most comprehensive sensor suites available, with up to 32 sensors — including the latest vision, radar, ultrasonic, and LIDAR technology.

2. It’s one of the only EVs with LIDAR and driver monitoring

Along with driver monitoring features to help you stay alert, Lucid Air also has the option for the highest-resolution LIDAR available (125-beam equivalent). So it sees things the human eye can’t, and is future-ready for what’s next.

3. It offers up to 36 driver assistance features (and counting)

DreamDrive has remarkable features that make driving Air a delight like Surround View Monitoring, Park In and Out, Front Cross Traffic Protection, and more. And it only gets better with over-the-air updates that keep your Air on the cutting edge.

4. It uses spatial alerts to help improve safety

DreamDrive takes advantage of Surreal Sound, Lucid Air’s available 21-speaker system, so alerts are delivered directionally. That means when bringing attention to something on your left, the alert comes from that side of the car.

5. It’s incredibly intuitive at every turn

Thanks to the elegant Lucid User Experience, interacting with DreamDrive feels effortless. You can activate its Highway Assist features with touch controls on the steering wheel or use the toggle for other controls.
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