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I have an e-Tron and my experience with EA has been abysmal. The chargers are so unreliable and your car hardly every gets the speed advertised. Every charging stop up the I5 corridor in CA has issues from chargers not starting to delivering slow speeds. You either have play musical chairs by moving the car to multiple chargers to get one that works properly or constantly call EA to reset the charger and pray the reset fixes the issue. EA blames the car but using non EA chargers I get the max speed the charger can deliver albeit slower because EA are the only ones with the majority of chargers over 100Kw.

Issue 1 seems to be the activation and I suspect it's trying to phone home on some crappy dial up connection or wireless LTE signal and due to poor coverage etc. it can't verify the payment and won't start. Issue 2 seems to be the speed and on that front I suspect the cables can't keep cool so the speed gets slowed down to a crawl. All the chargers on the I5 are out in the open and most locations in the blistering heat. I actually burnt my hand on a charging plug when connecting it to the car due to it being 110 outside and no shelter over the chargers.

Lucid may be able to get 300Kw+ but I suspect EA chargers are going to kill any hope of getting those speeds for a long period of time and will drastically slow down.
16min to 250 miles sounds good to me. It will have to be 3-4 times longer on my X with Tesla Super Charging.
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