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  1. Lucid Motors General Discussion Forum
    Hi All, I am planning to sell my lucid Air pure reservation which expecting delivered in Q1,2023 (can be expedited by upgrading to Dreamdrive and Surreal Sound Pro). The current lucid price has been increased by 10k after I reserved. My original price is 77.4k, now the current starting price is...
  2. Tri-State USA
    I have a Lucid Air Pure reservation, locked in at the old price of $77,400, as opposed to the now $10K higher starting MSRP of $87,400. On top of that, I locked in the order before they got rid of the $7500 tax credit, so my car is currently $17,500 less than any car you can order today, and it...
  3. Southeast USA
    We ordered a Pure 12/31/21…then upgraded to Touring and finally the GT ( to take delivery sooner). We had a telephone call with our CS rep a few weeks ago who estimated delivery sometime in November. Can anyone who has taken delivery on a GT shed light on the timeline from when the vehicle went...
1-5 of 5 Results